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Meeting your duties

Employers and business owners have a legal responsibility to ensure healthy and safe workplaces.

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Take action

A mentally healthy workplace benefits everyone — and everyone has an important part to play.

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Program sign up

Free online expert WHS advice, mental health training for managers and mental health skill training are now available to support businesses and workers to make their workplaces more mentally healthy.

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Create a positive culture and manage factors

Build a positive and inclusive workplace culture to support mental health.

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Raise awareness and educate

Education and training in the workplace to improve understanding about mental health.

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Small business tools and resources

Tools, resources and links to create and sustain a mentally healthy workplace.

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Manager tools and resources

To help you create and sustain a mentally healthy workplace

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Support yourself and others

There is a lot you can do to stay mentally healthy, and to support others, including your colleagues and workers.

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