Our commitment

A team effort

Together, with the help of our collective networks, we’re working to have a far-reaching impact on creating better mental health in workplaces across NSW.

Strategy partners

Strategy partners include:


We also have collaborative partnerships with workplace mental health experts, advocates and key influencers including industry leaders some of which include with beyondblue, Black Dog Institute, The University of Sydney and WayAhead Workplaces.

We will continue to work closely and collaboratively with our partners, experts, industry, small, medium and large businesses, insurers, advocates and workers, including people living with a mental illness, to deliver the strategy until 2022.


Businesses play a key part in improving mental health at work. Taking action to improve mental health has many benefits including greater productivity and a return on investment of up to four dollars for every dollar invested1. Workers will be safer, healthier and more committed to your business if your workplace is mentally healthy. However, almost 80 per cent of businesses in NSW need to take more effective action2 to enjoy these benefits.

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  2. SafeWork NSW and Instinct and Reason, 2017