The NSW Government, through the Mentally Healthy Workplaces Strategy has invested in recovery @ work initiatives. Recovery at work is about supporting people who are managing their mental health in the workplace, as well as providing support for the people at work supporting them. We have developed a quick and easy reference guide to get you started as we work to develop a recovery @ work toolkit. You can have your say about what you would like to see in the toolkit, and find out more about our other projects.

Recovery boost innovation grant

Recovery Boost is a grant program designed to support mental health projects that aim to support better recovery at work outcomes. Find out more on eligibility for the program, and to register your interest.

Watch our Recovery @ Work Forum highlight videos

Listen to what industry leaders had to say at the Mentally Healthy Workplaces Recovery @ Work Forum about workplace culture and how it impacts on mental health at work.

Watch highlights from our Mentally Healthy Workplaces Recovery @ Work Forum.