Easy to do WHS toolkit research

The Centre for Work Health and Safety is undertaking research with small businesses to help refine our toolkit.

Phase I: Exploration - focus groups and interviewsPhase I: Exploration - focus groups and interviews

This research was completed in July 2018.

The research team collected opinions from small business owners and stakeholders across NSW about the draft toolkit, and their WHS needs. This information was used to refine the toolkit.

Phase II: Testing – a before-and-after studyPhase II: Testing – a before-and-after study

Between August 2018 and April 2019, research will test the effectiveness of the toolkit in childcare businesses. Childcare businesses have been chosen because they are one of the top five small business sectors for workers compensation claims.

Before seeing the toolkit, some childcare businesses will complete a survey to find out how well they understand and uphold their WHS obligations. Half of those who complete the survey will also receive the toolkit.

All respondents will be surveyed again after six weeks, 12 weeks and six months, so the research team can compare their responses. This will help show how well businesses that use the toolkit are able to increase their understanding of WHS over time.

Responses from businesses that received the toolkit will also be compared to those that did not receive the toolkit. This will allow the research team to isolate the impact of the toolkit from other changes in the sector.

Final focus groups and a review will take place in December 2019.

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