Your business is only as productive as your workers. This means a healthy workplace is good for your workers and good for your business.

Healthy workers are fitter, more aware and alert, and more resilient. A healthy worker is a safer worker, too.

Promoting good health will:

  • boost job satisfaction and morale
  • improve employee engagement
  • reduce absenteeism and staff turnover
  • improve productivity.

And it’s worth remembering that even small changes can have a huge impact.

Workplace health programs

Workplace health programs aim to improve the health of working adults in the workplace.

‘To be honest I was a bit sceptical about it. I thought it might take up a little bit too much of the guys’ time. And in all honesty, it does take a commitment and it does take a bit of time. The benefits that we’ve got from it have been quite startling to be honest. And the more we did, the more buy in we had. The staff are really buzzing about it. And I know myself, after I do an hour’s solid walk, you notice it and you feel better. And you go home and you sort of feel like “Yeah, I’ve done a great day’s work” but I’ve also done my exercise.’

Steve Mackenzie

CEO, Lido Group, Sydney

In the short-term, a successful workplace health program can be measured by the way your team:

  • works together
  • engages in their jobs
  • enjoys their work.

In the long-term, a successful workplace health program can mean:

  • increases in staff attraction and retention
  • reduced absenteeism and sick leave
  • improved productivity
  • enhanced corporate image
  • lower workers compensation insurance premiums.

To improve staff wellbeing, make health part of the everyday workplace conversation.

Get healthy at work

In NSW, you can access the Government’s free workplace health service, Get Healthy at Work.

Get healthy at work focuses on:

Other resources

There are many organisations and government bodies promoting healthy workplaces. You will find further information and programs on these sites:

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