This safety alert advises workplaces that the gas filters with the product name CA-ABEK1 and Freeflow STS ABEK 1 which can be attached to the Shigematsu respirator mask, such as models FS01, CF01, CX01, RS01 and RX01 have been recalled by the Japanese manufacturer Shigematsu Works Co Ltd, also known as STS.

Photo of unsafe gas filter

The filters do not meet Australian Standard ‘AS/NZS 1716 Respiratory protection devices’ requirements. Their use should be stopped immediately and they should be removed from all workplaces. There is a potential health risk from use of the gas filters.


Shigematsu voluntarily notified the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) of the recall, who alerted SafeWork Australia. The products do not meet AS/NZS 1716 Standard value for breakthrough time therefore users of these filters may face some human health hazard.

The filters protect against:

  1. organic gases and vapours (boiling point > 65°C)
  2. inorganic gases and vapours (excluding carbon monoxide)
  3. sulphur dioxide and other acidic gases and vapours
  4. ammonia and organic ammonia derivatives

The filters have been supplied nationally from November 2012 through to April 2017. It is estimated there are approximately 13,000 units in Australia with the majority already supplied to workplaces but there is a significant quantity of units still in the supply chain.

The filters and matching masks are sold through the Shigematsu (STS) website.

The site lists 2 Australian suppliers for the equipment:

They are also available on line through AT-CALL SAFETY

Action required

  • Immediately stop using the filters and remove them from the workplace
  • Instruct workers not to use the filters under any circumstance
  • Contact your supplier to source a suitable replacement filter and return the recalled items.
  • Under no circumstance should workers be allowed to do work that requires a respirator until the respirator has been fitted with a suitable filter.

Notify SafeWork NSW of any serious injury or dangerous incident.

More information

Contact SafeWork NSW on 13 10 50 for workplace related inquiries.

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