Machine guarding

Machine guarding

Power take off (PTO) shafts, auger intakes, harvesting machinery and post drivers are a major cause of harm and injury.

SafeWork NSW and industry agree to:

  • raise awareness of the need to manage the risks associated with farm machinery with a focus on augers, PTO’s, and post drivers
  • promote best practice solutions.

SafeWork NSW will:

  • engage with suppliers to ensure that plant and equipment sold for use on farms is safe
  • use its powers to require PTO shafts and intakes augers are adequately guarded and roll over protection structures (ROPs) are fitted to tractors and other mobile plant.

We will know we are on track if:

  • agricultural plant and equipment for sale in dealerships by 2022 is found to be meeting appropriate guarding standards when inspected
  • there is an increase in the number of farms that are compliant in relation to the management of harms associated with PTO shafts and intake augers.
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