Electric shocks / electrocutions

Electric shocks/electrocutions

Contact with overhead power lines by harvesters, grain augers, field bins and irrigation equipment continues to be a problem. Workshops, shearing sheds, pump and generator facilities are often not fitted with residual current devices (RCDs) commonly known as safety switches.

SafeWork NSW and industry agree to:

  • promote mandatory requirements for earth leakage protection devices (ELPD’s), also referred to as RCD’s, to be fitted to electrical circuits or portable type to be used in conjunction with plugin type equipment that is used in farm workshops and other infrastructure.

SafeWork NSW will:

  • engage with energy providers to develop and promote safe practices and the use of visual aids to avoid contact with overhead power lines and develop education tools that highlight typical farming risks and practical solutions.

We will know if we are on track if:

  • RCDs fitted to farm infrastructure where required (inspected during SafeWork NSW site visits) increases over time
  • overhead power line strikes by agricultural machinery, as reported by energy providers decreases over time.
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