Before you unpack the container

What is the issue?

Unpacking without a plan may lead to an unsystematic, adhoc approach. This can ultimately expose your workers to risks.

How can I manage this?

The risk of injuries arising from the opening of the container can be eliminated or significantly reduced by:

  • planning the order in which the items should be removed to avoid remaining items becoming unstable and falling
  • determining the number of workers required to safely unpack the container
  • determining the appropriate equipment to unpack the load safely. This might include, but is not limited to,plant, conveyors and personal protective equipment (PPE)
  • considering the placement of the container, the movement of plant into and out of the container, and the placement of load you are unpacking when outside of the container
  • considering risks that may arise during unpacking, and ways to minimise risks by including control measures to either prevent or manage hazards.

Images of containers with bulky items loaded on pallets and stacked

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