Items not eligible

  • GST, freight and insurance costs
  • the design and manufacture of new safety items or items that you have had designed and manufactured to your specifications. Items must be existing manufactured items that meet relevant standards and available from commercial outlets
  • purchase of raw materials, for example making shelves from wood, nails, screws
  • service repairs or maintenance eg. engine and motors
  • sponsorship arrangements, including funding of events, educational programs or materials, advertising, or consultants
  • normal business operating expenses, including general business administration, computers and software, ergonomic furniture (items such as chairs, keyboard and mouse), housekeeping, amenities, assets/equipment, repairs, maintenance, servicing
  • normal safety requirements including licensing, certification, fines, testing and auditing services, return-to-work, rehabilitation, counselling or vaccination services
  • training fees or courses – training needs to be reinforced with safety tools eg knowledge of manual handling needs to be supported with the right manual handling equipment or modifications to the work environment in order to have greatest impact on injuries
  • personal protective equipment (PPE) - for the majority of risks, PPE is deemed to be the lowest control, and funds should not subsidise perishable items eg sun creams, disposable gloves, vests, etc. PPE items are not presently covered in current rebate programs
  • non-tangible items - safety solutions need to have a direct impact on safety, and clear eligibility criteria in order to approve and process rebate payments
  • backdated improvements made prior to attending an eligible SafeWork NSW safety event
  • domestic, recreational or social products or equipment including items for home-based businesses that may be deemed as being used for domestic/household purposes or contributing to the value of residential assets.
  • items and services that are not purchased from a registered business ABN/ACN/BRN and do not meet all relevant standards, approvals, local government and legislative requirements.
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