Lifting, carrying, transporting


  • manual,  mechanical, hydraulic, vacuum or magnetic lifting devices
  • hoist, crane,  fork lift, tool suppression system
  • adjustable loading platform, jigs, trestles, racking or stacking systems
  • conveyor  or elevator systems, stock picking machine
  • access ramps, skids, tailgate lifter, dock leveller
  • patient handling and/or transfer devices
  • animal handling

Items should be designed to limit issues that arise due to manual handling, pushing, pulling, carrying or moving, holding or restraining in workflows. Where specific standards apply to items eg. Australian Standards, the item should comply with that standard.

Typical items include:

  • trolleys
  • ute cranes
  • pallet rollers
  • stockyard systems
  • pen doors/chutes
  • drafting gates
  • overhead shearing plant
  • warehouse racking
  • light-weight portable fencing
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