Contact with chemicals, substances or sun exposure


  • chemical/dangerous goods (DG) storage cabinets or wire mesh secure partitioning
  • bunding, spills containment system
  • installation of safe ventilation, exhaust or extraction systems
  • air filtering systems for machinery
  • dust suppression tools and attachments
  • asbestos and hazardous dust vacuum cleaners with dust class level ‘H’ filter and compliant with AS 60335.2.69:2003
  • detection system, alarm or shut  down device Installation or repositioning of emergency stop buttons
  • closed chemical delivery system
  • automatic chemical dispensing system
  • chemical signage, marking and placarding system (including translated safety signage)
  • bottom fill equipment for fuel tanks
  • sun shade protection for rural and outdoor work areas

Typical items include:

  • specialised dust extraction units
  • CO2 monitor
  • gazebos, marquees
  • sharps disposal container
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