Eligible events - small business safety rebate

Details of eligible events under the small business safety rebate

Advisory visit

Advisory visits are with a SafeWork NSW officer, and provides practical workplace safety, workers compensation and injury management advice at an agreed time and place suitable to applicants.  The advisory visits may help to create safety action plans and include formal post-visit reports.

Businesses with 50 or less full time equivalent workers are entitled to three free advisory visits each year.

You can request an Advisory visit online.


Webinars are a web-based seminar, presentation, lecture or workshop that is transmitted over the web.

Our approved webinars, provide our customers with an interactive, educative event on a range of work health safety and injury management topics.  Participants are able to provide, receive and discuss information with the presenter/s.

Webinars are developed and delivered online by SafeWork NSW staff in real time and occasionally delivered in partnership with other agencies and stakeholders.

We have a regular schedule of webinars.

Recorded webinar

Recorded webinars are work health safety educative events that range from information sharing to interactive engagement. They are either an archived recording of a live webinar, or have been purposely pre-recorded.

Eligibility for a rebate is by viewing a “recorded” webinar. Attendees are required to view the entire length of the recording and endorse this by successfully answering 2-3 questions, either during or at the end of the webinar recording.  A certificate of attendance will be issued as confirmation on completion of this activity and attached to rebate application form.

An eligible SafeWork NSW webinar is developed, delivered and recorded by SafeWork NSW staff and/or guest presenters.

We have a regular schedule of webinars.

Workshops and presentations

Eligible SafeWork NSW workshops are delivered as public workshops, or requested workshops through formal requests.

Some may be delivered in partnership with SafeWork NSW, with staff co-presenting and workshop material developed by SafeWork NSW.

Intensive engagement

Intensive engagement with a business involves using a targeted and tailored approach to identified businesses, who benefit from extended assistance and support with their safety performance. The approach includes:

  • initial engagement with a business to build a partnership
  • assessing their current processes and practices
  • finding opportunities for improvement
  • helping the business while changes are put in place
  • looking at the results to see if they are effective
Safety coach session

Safety coach sessions are delivered by independent safety consultants engaged by us as part of our safety coach program.  The program is offered for limited time during the year.  When the program is available small businesses with less than 50 full-time equivalent employees can voluntarily request a safety coach session.

The safety coach session consists of:

  • 3 hour assessment visit covering key WHS management system requirements with an action plan developed by the participant and the coach.
  • 1 hour follow up visit to monitor the agreed actions.
Business forums

These forums are held in conjunction with other associations or agencies eg. NSW Fair Trading. Specific events with a safety component, including SafeWork NSW presenters.

Content is developed by the association or agency.  SafeWork NSW may contribute and/or deliver a percentage of the content.

Industry events and trade expos

An eligible industry event is a public assembly conducted by SafeWork NSW for the purpose of promoting and providing information on work health and safety, and injury management to businesses.

The event is delivered by, or in partnership with SafeWork NSW eg where SafeWork NSW staff are co-presenting, staffing information displays, event material is developed by SafeWork NSW. Often held in conjunction with industry groups or associations eg. National Field Days, Trade Shows.

Formal safety programs

Eligible programs are planned, proactive activity delivered by us, where small business participation is voluntary, no enforcement/infringement activity occurs.

Eligible programs include:

  • Education programs are designed to build small business safety awareness and capability eg Mentor Program, Paralympic Program, Safety Coach Program.
Verification visits
Available in specific circumstances

Verification visits are eligible if the visits are conducted as part of a planned intervention and where no infringement notices or fines are issued.

Businesses are eligible for the rebate if they have a verification visit but the item being claimed on the rebate is not the hazard/solution being addressed at the visit eg. a trolley for manual handling is eligible if the verification visit was for a fall from height risk.

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