Terms and conditions - small business safety rebate -

The following terms and conditions apply to the SafeWork NSW Small Business Rebate Program.  Please read them carefully before signing your application form.

1             Eligibility

1.1.        To apply for the rebate you must meet the following criteria:

1.1.1.     You must own a business registered in NSW and have a current ABN at the time you attend the eligible SafeWork NSW activity.

You are NOT eligible to apply if your business is registered in another state or territory or is a business that is an investment trust, managed fund, strata title scheme, subsidiary of a larger business, or a voluntary association.

1.1.2.     Your business must produce goods or provide services in NSW

1.1.3.     Your business must fall within the scope of the NSW Work Health and Safety Act 2011

1.1.4.     Your business must employ 0-50 full-time employees (or equivalent).

Charitable or not-for-profit services that are not part of a larger network employing more than 200 workers are eligible to apply unless the “eligible safety solution” has already received funding by the NSW, Federal or local government.

1.1.5.     Your business must be your main source of income

1.1.6.     You must attend an eligible SafeWork NSW activity before you purchase your ‘eligible safety solution’.

You are NOT eligible to apply unless you personally attend the eligible SafeWork NSW activity. You cannot apply on the basis that a worker in your business attended on your behalf.

1.1.7.     You must have implemented an ‘eligible safety solution’ – Refer to the full list of eligible items, and section 2 below. You should consult all workers in the business if the ‘eligible safety’ solution may result in a change that may affect the health or safety of workers or any other matter outlined in section 49 of the Work Health and Safety Act 2011.

1.1.8.     You must complete the Small Business Rebate application form (online, post or email)

1.1.9.     You must attach a copy of a paid tax invoice(s), receipt(s) or proof of purchase and required documentation.

All goods / and or services are to be purchased from a registered business and the tax invoice must state the business/contractor’s name, address, ABN/ACN/BRN number, payment date, description and cost of product or work undertaken.

1.1.10.  Your application must be lodged within six months of attending an eligible SafeWork NSW activity.

Contact us on 13 10 50 if you are unsure if your business is eligible

2              Eligible safety solutions

2.1         A rebate will only be provided by SafeWork NSW in relation to an ‘eligible safety solution’. An eligible safety solution is one that addresses an identified safety issue in a business.  The ‘eligible item list’ provides examples of what would be an eligible safety solution.  If required, SafeWork NSW can confirm whether a proposed safety solution may be eligible for a rebate.

2.2         In order to be an ‘eligible safety solution’, it must be bought from a commercial outlet

Rebates will not cover the design or manufacture of new items, items which have been leased or purchased through a payment plan owner-built items, items that you have had designed and manufactured to your specifications, purchase of raw materials or second-hand items, service repairs, or maintenance.

2.3         Where the safety solution requires installation, this must be carried out by a qualified commercial installer or a licensed tradesperson and comply with the Home Building Act 1989 and any other relevant legislation.

The rebate program does not recommend or promote any individual safety product or service, or provide an unfair competitive advantage to any commercial safety item, product or service.

What is not eligible for the rebate?

2.4         A rebate will not be provided  for products or equipment which SafeWork NSW considers may be used for domestic, recreational or social activities. Items for home-based businesses that are used for domestic/household purposes or contributing to the value of residential assets are not eligible for the rebate.  A rebate will not be provided for any improvement to a residential premises.  SafeWork NSW has an absolute discretion to refuse to grant a rebate to a home based business or a non- home based business where the business owner cannot clearly demonstrate how the eligible safety solution will improve the work health and safety of workers in the business other than the owner of the business.

2.5         Solutions that have already received a rebate from another SafeWork NSW safety initiative or rebate will not be eligible for a rebate. Where a rebate has already been provided by another state or federal government agency for the safety solution, it will not be eligible for this rebate.

2.6         Government agencies cannot apply for a rebate.

2.7         Agents, consultants and businesses are not eligible to apply for a rebate on behalf of another person.

2.8         SafeWork reserves the right to reject any application where:

2.8.1      A rebate is sought in relation to multiple similar items;

2.8.2      A rebate is sought by multiple businesses which use common premises; or

2.8.3      A rebate is sought by multiple related businesses.

2.9         Items and activities listed under ‘Excluded items’ are not eligible for the rebate.

Claiming for a rebate

2.10       A person may only apply for the rebate once, up to a maximum of $500.

For example, if a person owns five businesses, he or she may only apply for the rebate once.

2.11       A business may only apply for the rebate once, up to a maximum of $500.

For example, where there are three co-owners of a business, only one of those co-owners may apply for a rebate in relation to that business.

2.12       You can apply for different rebate programs – ie apply for separate items under separate SafeWork NSW rebate programs, but you must meet the terms and conditions of each respective program.

Conflict of interest

You will not be eligible to obtain a rebate if you or a relative are:

  • the supplier of the good/service;
  • employed by supplier of the good/service; or
  • have any legal interest in the supplier of the good/service.

If you are employed by SafeWork NSW or are contracted to provide services to SafeWork NSW, you will not be eligible to apply for a rebate.

3             Refund of a rebate

3.1         At any time SafeWork NSW may ask for information about the effectiveness and durability of the safety solution.

3.2         SafeWork NSW may require an applicant to repay the rebate if SafeWork NSW holds any concerns that the safety solution is not effective, durable, or that it may be on-sold.

3.3         Applicants may be required to repay a rebate if any of these terms and conditions have been breached.

4             Feedback and publicity

SafeWork NSW may contact participants for feedback on the Small Business Rebate.

5             Program changes

SafeWork NSW reserves the right to change any or all of the terms and conditions of the program or to cancel the program at any time.

6             Liability

6.1         The applicant agrees, as far as the law allows, that SafeWork NSW accepts no liability in                     respect to any claim, cause of action, loss or damage relating to any improvement that may be the subject of the rebate.

6.2         The applicant agrees that it releases SafeWork NSW from any claim or liability arising out of, or in relation to, the rebate.

6.3         The applicant must not be insolvent at the time of the application and must declare in its application it is not insolvent.

7             Privacy Notice

7.1         SafeWork NSW collects and manages the personal information you provide in accordance with the Privacy and Personal Information Protection Act 1998.   This information is used to determine eligibility for a rebate, to improve the quality of our services, and to provide you with information about other services we offer.

7.2         By completing this form you consent to SafeWork providing your personal information to a third party to determine your eligibility for the rebate (including providing your personal information to a state or federal government agency to determine if the safety solution has previously been the subject of a grant or rebate)

7.3         You have the right to access and correct any of your personal information at any time that relates to your rebate application.

7.4         SafeWork NSW may provide your personal information to a third party to conduct surveys or evaluation activities about SafeWork NSW products and programs. You may opt out of any activities arising from this arrangement.

Applications should be made in writing to:

Privacy Contact Officer

SafeWork NSW Head Office

Locked Bag 2906

Lisarow  NSW  2252.

Further information on our privacy policy.

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