How do I apply?

You can apply:

It’s in your best interest to fill in the form completely and accurately and attach additional information if necessary. Delays will occur if information is missing.

Follow these easy steps to apply:

  1. attend an eligible SafeWork NSW safety event
  2. select and implement a safety item from the eligible items list. You cannot purchase an item from this list until you have attended a SafeWork safety event first.
  3. obtain a paid tax invoice, receipt or proof of purchase
  4. attach the originals or a copy to your application
  5. submit online, scan and email or via regular post to: SafeWork NSW - Small Business Rebate Program, Locked Bag 2906, Lisarow NSW 2906

What will delay my payment?

  • leaving blank sections on the form where you are asked for information eg. business name, event attended
  • not providing supporting documents such as tax invoices and receipts
  • providing tax invoices that are NOT from a commercial outlet  ie. online seller without an ABN
  • providing incorrect details in your application such as bank account numbers, incorrect ABNs,

What must be listed on the tax invoice / proof of payment?

  • purchase must be made after eligible event attendance
  • invoice / receipt must be from a registered business
  • invoice must state suppliers name, address and include ABN/ACN/BRN
  • your business / purchaser name
  • cost and account of item/work undertaken
  • proof of payment  showing $0.00 balance and date of payment
  • note GST, freight and insurance costs are NOT covered by the rebate

How are application processed?

Your application will be checked to ensure that:

  • you have attended an eligible SafeWork NSW event within the last 6 months
  • the item you have bought (purchased after the eligible event) is an eligible item and addresses a work health safety issue in your workplace
  • you have a current WC Policy (where applicable)
  • you have attached a suitable invoice and proof of payment
  • all the terms and conditions have been met

If your application is complete, it is sent to our finance department for payment within approximately four (4) weeks. An email will be sent to you confirming the assessment of your rebate and when you are likely to be paid.

Any missing information or inaccuracies will delay payment. Your application will be returned via email or letter detailing the information required.

Can I send in an application for each item I purchase?

No. You only need to send in one application form for the rebate, but you can attach receipts for multiple eligible safety items to that one application form.  Maximum rebate is up to $500.

Can I apply for a rebate twice under different rebate programs?

The rebate is NOT available for items that have already been supported from another SafeWork NSW safety initiative or rebate (ie. duplicate payment for same invoice).

If I apply for a rebate will an Inspector visit my workplace?

Generally, not as a result of receiving the rebate. The rebate is given out to help you adopt solutions to address high risk safety problems in your workplace. An Inspector might visit if there are concerns that an item has not been installed or we need to check the item is being used as intended eg. machine guards.

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