Am I eligible?

Eligible businesses:

  • employ less than 50 employees (or full-time equivalent)
  • attend an eligible SafeWork NSW event
  • identify an eligible safety item that addresses your safety risks
  • purchase your item and get a paid tax Invoice and receipt for payment in full (or proof of payment)
  • complete and submit the application (online or by post, email)
  • attach copies of your tax invoice and receipt / proof of purchase to the application

Who’s not eligible?

  • businesses with more than 50 full-time employees (or equivalent).
  • small businesses that have not attended an eligible SafeWork NSW event
  • businesses (including sole traders) not currently conducting a business that is producing or providing goods and/or services in NSW.
  • businesses not registered in NSW
  • businesses not within the scope of the NSW WHS legislation
  • if you or a relative are the supplier of the goods/service
  • if you’re employed by the supplier of the goods/service
  • have any legal interest in the supplier or the goods/service
  • government agencies or businesses claiming on behalf of another business e.g. agents or consultants lodging applications on behalf of their clients.
  • investment trust, managed fund, strata title scheme, subsidiary of a larger business, voluntary or a religious organisations
  • SafeWork NSW employees and contractors
  • small businesses claiming for more than one business/ABN.
  • small businesses that have already claimed the Small Business Rebate. A business owner can only apply for the rebate once, irrespective of the number of businesses he/she may own.
  • items purchased to comply with a compliance notice issued by SafeWork NSW.
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