Bars and food preparation

All bars and food preparation areas, where food is for sale, provided by the employer and/or offered to clients or staff whether or not payment is required (does not include staff dining area), must comply with the NSW Food Act 2003 and the NSW Food Regulation 2015.

They must be regularly cleaned, inspected and maintained.

The potential to contaminate food, and hence cause illness, is always present in any area where food is prepared or stored. The following precautions will minimise any risks associated with food-borne illness:

  • Before handling any food or food utensils, make sure you wash your hands thoroughly particularly after using the toilet, seeing a client or handling PPE.
  • Food should be stored at or below 5°C or at or above 60°C to prevent growth of harmful bacteria.
  • Ensure all food storage spaces such as cupboards and refrigerators are routinely cleaned and disinfected.
  • Thoroughly clean food utensils before use.
  • Regularly clean food contact surfaces like counters and benches.
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