Signs of dehydration

When dehydrated, you are likely to experience mild to severe thirst

When becoming dehydrated, you are likely to experience (in order of increasing dehydration):

  • mild to severe thirst
  • dry lips and tongue
  • decreased amount of urine passed that appears darker than normal
  • increased breathing and heart rate
  • weakness or light-headedness (particularly when standing)
  • dry, wrinkly-looking skin with loss of skin elasticity
  • sunken eyes (in severe cases).

If you experience any of these symptoms, you need to immediately:

  • move to a cool place that has circulating air, such as a site shed (air-conditioned where possible) or even the cabin of a vehicle
  • loosen all tight clothing and remove unnecessary garments, including PPE (mask, apron, overalls, etc)
  • drink frequent, small amounts of cool (not cold) water
  • seek medical advice if your symptoms don’t improve.
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