12. Eliminate and/or minimise risks of exposure to heat-related illness and/or ulta-violet radiation (UVR) using the hierarchy of controls at the planning stage of your outdoor work

Eliminating hazards at the design or planning stages of outdoor work is often easier and cheaper to achieve than making changes later, when the hazards have become real risks in the workplace. It may also have other benefits, including:

  • more effective prevention of injury and illness
  • improved productivity and reduced costs
  • better prediction and management of workers and operational costs over the duration of the work

You must eliminate the sources of extreme heat in your workplace, so far as is reasonably practicable.

If elimination is not reasonably practicable, PCBUs must reduce extreme heat and UVR risks by following the hierarchy of controls from top to bottom (ie. focus on the higher-level controls first). Administrative controls and PPE should only be used to supplement the higher controls that have been implemented. Read our Controlling exposure to extreme heat and UVR in outdoor work environments fact sheet for specific guidance.

Usually, a combination of controls is needed to get the best results and any control measures must be determined in consultation with your workers and/or their HSRs.

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