Engagement and partnership approach

SafeWork NSW approach to engaging and partnering with stakeholders for the delivery of the strategy

Customer focused approach

Research and learning

Support and apply research, learn from data, business interactions and translate evidence to practice

Ensure compliance

Enforce standards and regulations


Prioritise occupations, sectors and workplaces that are at greatest risk


Use innovative approaches to equip businesses and leaders with resources to drive effective management of MSDs


Provide advice on compliance and risk management of MSDs


Work with influencers to increase understanding of their role in preventing MSDs

The Strategy will run until 2022 and will be supported by an MSD Action Plan and ongoing engagement with an MSD Stakeholder Consultative Committee.

The Action Plan follows a risk-based approach. It identifies the industry sectors and occupations that have the highest number of serious MSDs each year and describes the actions SafeWork NSW will take to support these businesses. Reviewed annually, this plan provides a focused approach, allowing SafeWork NSW to be responsive to changes in industry sectors and occupations.


  1. State Insurance Regulatory Authority and SafeWork NSW, NSW Workers Compensation Statistical Bulletin 2013/14. Includes major claims only.  A major claim is one where the injury resulted in death, permanent disability, or temporary disability with at least one week of weekly benefit entitlement paid.
  2. This reduction will be measured against the baseline in the National Strategy. For serious musculoskeletal injuries and illnesses the baseline is the average of the relevant incidence rate for the three financial years 2009/10 to 2011/12.
  3. Major musculoskeletal injury and disease claims 2013/14 to 2015/16, NSW Workers’ Compensation Claims data.
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