Purpose, vision and success


To eliminate workplace deaths, serious injuries and illnesses in the NSW building and construction industry.

To ensure the NSW building and construction industry understands and fulfils its work health and safety obligations.

This building and construction sector plan has been developed in consultation with industry and aligns with the SafeWork NSW Work Health and Safety Roadmap 2022 to drive down fatality, injury and illness rates in the NSW building and construction industry.

The building and construction industry has a higher than average incidence rate of workplace injuries and diseases and a higher proportion of major claims.


  • A significant reduction in workplace fatalities targeting those caused by falls from heights and electrical hazards
  • A marked decrease in serious injuries and illnesses including improved return to work outcomes and reduced cost of claims
  • Improvement in respiratory health by eliminating or controlling exposures to asbestos fibres  and crystalline silica dust
  • Strengthening and improving the quality of licensing, training and assessment
  • Identifying and targeting high-risk workplaces for proactive compliance interventions
  • Supporting, protecting and intervening where workers are at greatest risk
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