Current snapshot

  • Between 2013/14 and 2015/16, 35 construction workers, did not return home to their families.1
  • 1,208 incidents (4.7 per cent of claims) resulted in permanent disabilities.1
  • 25,600 claims at a total cost of $520.5 million.1
  • 351,300 working in the industry in 2017, projected to increase by more than 13 per cent by 2022.2
  • In excess of $80 billion is committed to NSW infrastructure projects over the next four years.3

Industry issues impacting on health and safety

Industry have told us the main issues impacting on safety are:

  • skills and resource shortages
  • diverse workforce
  • tight profit margins and unrealistic time constraints
  • complex work arrangements

1 Source: Workers Compensation data 2013/14 to 2015/16 provided by NSW State Insurance Regulatory Authority
2 Source: Australian Department of Jobs and Small business 2017 Employment Projections to May 2022
3 Source: NSW Treasury 5/2/2018 Alert NSW takes infrastructure strategy to the US

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