Bullying prevention kit

The bullying prevention kit has been developed to assist managers, workers and others to prevent bullying in the workplace.

A reduction in workplace bullying reduces absenteeism and promotes workplace health and improves morale.

The bullying prevention kit consists of:

  • bullying prevention improvement tool - a one page questionnaire that can be completed anonymously
  • six workplace guide sheets - to help complete the tool and assess the responses
  • six workplace advice sheets - to show how bullying prevention can be improved.

Using the kit

Using the kit is a three step process:

  • step one - distribute the bullying prevention improvement tool and the six workplace guide sheets
  • step two - review the results
  • step three - improve your bullying prevention systems using the advice sheets.

Step one

The bullying improvement tool and the six guide sheets are best distributed in the workplace by someone with knowledge about dealing with workplace bullying such as a health and safety representative, manager or supervisor.

Users should tick one response in each row of the Bullying prevention improvement tool. Use the row numbers to refer to the corresponding guide sheet for help in choosing the most appropriate response.

Step two

Review the results in the bullying prevention improvement tool to determine if your workplace rates in either the:

  • green zone - workplace is doing well and bullying prevention systems should be regularly monitored and, where necessary, improved,
  • orange zone - existing bullying prevention systems need improvement, or
  • red zone - there are areas that require immediate action.

Step three

Once the review has been completed, use the advice sheets to provide guidance on how to improve your organisation’s approach to bullying, such as when to review your bullying policy and procedures as well as ways to identify issues before they become a major problem.

Bullying kit documents

Bullying advice sheets
Bullying guide sheets
Bullying improvement tool
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