Tech savvy consultation improves safety culture

Find out how Prime Build consults with their staff to improve safety.

We know that good workplace cultures improve employee mental health, increase productivity and boost workplace morale.

But how do you bond as a team if you don’t all work in the same place?

It’s a challenge faced by many NSW businesses who have mobile workers, operate across multiple states or rely on contractors.

The problem often falls on the shoulders of the HR or wellbeing manager to find an efficient way to coordinate the wellbeing of an organisation spread over multiple locations.

Retail construction company, Prime Build, faces this challenge everyday.

Technology therefore plays a big role for the team at Prime Build.

It allows all of their workers to remotely join in on conversations with the whole team and have their say.

Ronnie Boukaram, their WHSEQ Manager said staff work everywhere; in the office, on the road and throughout work sites across Australia.

“We work in a fast-paced, 24-hour environment,” Ronnie said.

“It can be exhausting and negatively impact our workers’ professional and personal lives if not managed properly.”

Ronnie got the ball rolling on new ways for people to connect and talk about safety and wellbeing.

“We have a Skype meeting once a month with the Prime Build Safety Team, which can be joined by anyone, to discuss all things safety related – including concerns, injuries and ideas for improvement.”

“We also have an online platform that enables employees to catch up on anything they missed, and a monthly newsletter that shares wins and upcoming projects.

The more connected we are, the better it is for morale.”

Ronnie is a firm believer in little changes making a big difference to overall workplace culture.

He saw how introducing a form for employee suggestions was pivotal in slowly improving processes throughout the company.

“It’s all about making small changes and constantly improving until you start seeing better outcomes.”

“Consultation doesn’t need to be an expensive or time-consuming process. Just listening to your team is a good first step to improving safety and culture.”

Managing Director, Dean Willemsen, emphasised that Prime Build’s consultation process was a constant learning process and encourages other workplaces to take it one step at a time.

“We are not perfect and have work to do,” Dean said.

“Here at Prime Build we are committed to continually improving and while we have made mistakes in the past, we are committed to learning from them.”

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