Asbestos awareness campaign

Campaign information for the asbestos awareness month.

Asbestos awareness

November is Asbestos Awareness Month.

During this time our aim is to educate Australians about the dangers of asbestos in and around homes because we have one of the highest rates of asbestos-related diseases in the world. While officially, Asbestos Awareness Week is the last week of November, we extended our Asbestos Awareness Campaign to be a month long to allow us to have a bigger impact and spread the message further over a longer period of time.

Asbestos awareness event

You can run your own Asbestos Awareness events at any time during this period.

Asbestos Awareness Day

Asbestos Awareness Day is the 24th November which is when we remember victims and families of those who have been affected by Asbestos related diseases.

New naturally occurring asbestos guidance material

This is an extremely important topic that many NSW residents are unaware of.

new guide for naturally occurring asbestos explaining how to help protect people living and working in rural and regional NSW from the dangers of naturally occurring asbestos is now available from the Asbestos Awareness website. Both the video and guidance material are an initiative of the Heads of Asbestos Coordination Authorities which is chaired by SafeWork NSW.

The material contains a Naturally occurring asbestos management plan guide and a suite of fact sheets and templates to help guide you step by step through the process of determining whether you are living in an area that is affected by naturally occurring asbestos, through to what you need to do if you are.

Find out more about Asbestos Awareness Month and how you can participate including:

  • holding a ‘Blue Lamington Drive’ morning or afternoon tea
  • hosting a ‘Get to kNOw asbestos challenge’ to raise awareness of asbestos in your community
  • sharing Asbestos Awareness Month on social media
  • displaying the posters and brochures in businesses and shops
  • incorporating our radio ads as on-hold music and use the television ads on public promotional TVs
  • host a Tradies Breaky about the dangers of asbestos
  • adding the Asbestos Awareness Month banner to your outgoing emails
  • adding the Asbestos Awareness message on your Council materials and in your Mayoral messages
  • add links and information to your website and intranet sites.

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