Instruction and training records

Training should be consistent with the manufacturer’s recommendations and may include:

  • operators who control and operate amusement devices,
  • attendants working under the supervision of the operator and who assist and guide patrons
  • maintenance personnel
  • competent persons carrying out inspections and testing.

The supplier should have a register of all the people who have received training, the date when the training was conducted and the type of training that was conducted.

High risk work licence

Although there are no high risk work licence requirements for amusement device operation, a high risk work licence may be required to operate plant (fork lift, elevating work platform) or carry out certain activities (dogging, rigging) during erection or dismantling of the amusement device.  The supplier should also have a register of all the people who have high risk work licences. You should check that the supplier has a high risk licence and that the licence:

  • has not expired
  • includes the relevant classes
  • has the correct photo and name of the worker

You can check a licence on our check a licence page.

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