Design and item registrations

Design registration

Amusement devices of class 2 or above as outlined in Section 2.1 of AS 3533.1:2009 require design registration with an Australian WHS Regulator, with the following exceptions:

  • devices designed prior to 1 September 2001
  • devices not required to be design registered under the Occupational Health and Safety Regulation 2001 and designed prior to 1 Jan 2012
  • WHS Regulation Clause 5 definition of amusement devices and Schedule 5 for the exceptions

An amusement device that has been registered with a WHS Regulator from another state is recognised in NSW and therefore acceptable.

Item registration

Plant that has a higher level of risk of harm associated with its operation, use or maintenance must be registered by the owner, lessee or controller of the plant, this includes amusement devices covered by Section 2.1 of Australian Standard (AS) 3533.1:2009.

The purpose of registering an item of plant is to ensure that it is inspected by a competent person and is safe to operate. In NSW item registration is required every 12 months so the organiser should check it is current.

Item registered with a WHS Regulator in another state or territory are recognised in NSW and therefore acceptable.

From, January 2018 this will change, when current transitional arrangements end and the WHS item registration requirements come into force.

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