Annual inspection and records

Amusement devices are required to be maintained, inspected and tested by a competent person in accordance with the manufacturer and/or designers recommendations.

A supplier must keep a record of all tests, inspections, maintenance, commissioning, decommissioning and alterations while it is under their control.

These documents should be made available for review if requested (usually known as a ‘logbook’).

Organiser’s should refer to the pre-acceptance checklist for more information.

Annual inspection by a professional engineer

A detailed inspection must be carried out every 12 months by a competent person such as a chartered professional engineer or a person on the National Professional Engineers register.

The organiser should ensure that the inspection report is current for the duration of the event. If the event is held outside the inspection report expiry date, the organiser should get confirmation that the next annual inspection will occur before or at the event.

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