Education resources for teachers and parents

Quad bike safety messages

The information below will assist when discussing quad bike safety with students and supporting them to
create their competition entry.

Message 1 – Children under 16 should not ride or be passengers on farm quad bikes

  • Farm quad bikes are dangerous and children should never ride them. They are very heavy and are only
    designed to be ridden by people over 16.
  • Children should never be passengers on farm quad bikes. Single seat quad bikes are only designed to
    carry one person at a time.
  • When quad bikes are not in use the key should be removed from the ignition and stored securely away
    from the quad bike so children and visitors to the farm can’t access it.

Message 2 – Always wear your seatbelt in side-by-side vehicles (SSVs)

  • Side-by-side vehicles (SSVs) are different to quad bikes. You sit inside an SSV and they have a steering
    wheel, seat belts and roll-over protection.
  • Anyone riding in an SSV should always wear a seatbelt to keep them safe. Children under 16 years old
    should never drive SSVs.

Message 3 – Helmets save lives

  • Children can be a great reminder to parents and others over 16 years old, that it’s important they wear
    a helmet when they are riding a quad bike. Helmets can reduce the risk of death by up to 40%. Children
    under 16 years old should never ride or be passengers on farm quad bikes.

Message 4 – Choose safe ways to get around the farm

  • Walking, riding the right horse or motorcycle with your helmet on and under supervision, or being a
    passenger with a seatbelt in the SSV or ute are good ways to travel safely.
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