Quad bike training fact sheet

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Quad bike incidents are the leading cause of fatalities and serious injuries on Australian farms, with less than six per cent of quad bike operators formally trained in their use.*

Before you or your workers use a quad bike make sure you know how to do so safely.

Even for experienced users, quad bike training helps to refresh their understanding of, and skills in managing the risks associated with quad bikes. This hands-on training will help keep you and your workers safe.

Ask your dealer when purchasing a new or used vehicle about accredited training opportunities in your area.

Next steps

To stay safe while using a quad bike, make sure that you:

  • choose the right vehicle for the task
  • do a safe riding course
  • always wear a helmet
  • consider fitting operator protective devices
  • use only suitable attachments
  • don’t carry passengers
  • maintain vehicle in accordance with manufacturers’ instructions
  • don’t let kids ride adult-sized quad bikes

Further information

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*Based on market research findings conducted by Instinct and Reason on behalf of SafeWork NSW, 2016

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