What is being done to increase awareness of quad bike safety?

A comprehensive communications campaign covering television, print, radio and social media took place across regional NSW during 2017 to keep quad bike safety front of mind and ensure farmers are aware of the rebates on offer.

During June 2019 a second advertising campaign, Quad bikes kill, encouraged farmers to install roll bars (operator protective devices) on their quad bikes.

Why has SafeWork NSW added drones to the quad bike safety rebates?

SafeWork NSW is encouraging the uptake of drones on farms for harm prevention by including specific new drones as an eligible safety solution under the existing quad bike safety improvement program. Drones have the potential to reduce harms and improve safety by reducing quad bike usage as well as increase farming efficiency.

Is the drone rebate an additional rebate on top of the existing quad bike safety rebates?

No, the drone rebate is a new eligible item under the existing quad bike safety rebate program. Up to two rebates totalling $2,000 are available to eligible NSW farmers. Only one new drone can be claimed under quad bike safety improvement program rebate program.

How can drones improve safety on farms?

SafeWork NSW advocates that farmers choose the right tool for the task and drones have a role as the right tool for many farm tasks as they can reduce the high risk of injury in using quad bikes and other vehicles in performing those tasks. Camera-equipped drones are suited to tasks that include property inspections, checking on fences, dams and stock, silo inspections, weed control and mustering.

Who is eligible for a drone rebate?

To be eligible for a drone rebate you must already own an agricultural quad bike or side-by-side vehicle and meet the other terms and conditions of the Quad Bike Safety Improvement Program.

Can I claim more than one drone under the quad bike safety improvement program rebate?

No. Only one drone per eligible business can be claimed under the Quad Bike Safety Improvement Program.

What is the rebate amount?

A rebate of up to $500 is payable for the purchase of a new drone from a list of eligible models.

When does the drone rebate commence?

Farmers will be able to apply for the drone component of the program from 27 February 2019. The rebates are not retrospective for purchases made prior to this date.

What are the eligible drone models available for the rebate?
Sub-2kg eligible drones

Over 2kg eligible drones

  • DJI Phantom
  • DJI Mavic
  • DJI Mavic Mini
  • Parrot Anafi
  • Parrot Bebop
  • Parrot Disco
  • Yuneec
  • FIMI X8 SE
  • DJI Inspire
  • DJI Matrice (200, 210)
  • Xaircraft (P10, P20, P30)

The market is changing quickly. If you have a model to be considered for the eligibility list, contact 13 10 50 or quadbikesafety@safework.nsw.gov.au.

What requirements need to be met prior to claiming a drone rebate?

Rebate applicants are required to comply with all current program terms and conditions as well as own an existing quad bike or side-by-side vehicle. Farmers are required to provide an aviation reference number (ARN) with Civil Aviation Safety Authority. The drone must not weigh more than 25kg and must be used for business purposes on your farm.

What is an Aviation Reference Number (ARN)?

An ARN is similar to an account or customer number. You will need an ARN if you hold, or intend to hold, any licence, permission or authorisation with CASA, visit the CASA website for more information.

How long are the drone rebates available for?

The Program will evaluate the addition of drones six months from implementation (September 2019) and make any refinements accordingly.

Can farmers who have already claimed two rebates of up to $1,000 now claim a drone rebate?

No, farmers who have already received two rebates of up to $1,000 each under the Quad Bike Safety Improvement Program rebate are not eligible to claim an additional rebate against the purchase of a drone. Contact NSW Farmers Association on 1300 794 000 to check if you have expended your rebate entitlement under the Quad Bike Safety Improvement Program.

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