Quad bike RTOs

Accredited training courses are the best way to learn how to ride a quad bike safely.

SafeWork NSW has partnered with a number of authorised Registered Training Organisations to deliver free training to eligible farmers and their workers. Eligible farmers and their workers who complete training under the NSW Quad Bike Safety Improvement Program also receive a free compliant helmet.

Courses cover valuable rider information including:

  • how to recognise and control hazards and risks
  • how to ride safely on different ground surfaces and slopes and in varying conditions
  • how to maintain your bike and complete operational checks
  • using attachments and keeping within maximum loads specific to the manufacturer's manual
  • how to match vehicle operation to the conditions that may be encountered
  • being able to identify hazards, make sound assessments of their own limitations, the limitations of the quad bike, as well as the terrain to be ridden on.

Some trainers are available to come to your property and personalise training for your riders.

If you meet the following eligibility criteria you can access the free training package through one of these authorised training organisations.

Person operating an agricultural business
registered in NSW

Worker of a person operating an agricultural business
registered in NSW

  • I have 0-20 full time equivalent (FTE) workers
  • Farming is my main source of income
  • I own a quad bike that is used for work purposes
  • I am not an employee of SafeWork NSW or the RTO
  • I live in NSW
  • I am employed by a person operating a business registered in NSW
  • Farming is the main source of income for the person operating this business
  • This business has 0-20 full time equivalent workers
  • The person operating this business lives within NSW
  • I use a quad bike as part of my employment
  • I am not an employee of SafeWork NSW or the RTO


Operating regions

Tocal College Skills Training Department of Primary Industries

RTO code: 91166

Phone: 1800 025 520

Email: info@tocal.com

Website: https://www.dpi.nsw.gov.au/content/agriculture/tocal-skills-training/courses

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