Quad bike OPDs fact sheet

OPDs (also known as Crush Protection Devices) are an engineered device that may be fitted to a quad bike to minimise the risk of a person being trapped beneath a quad bike in the event of a rollover.

Over 60 per cent of quad bike fatalities are due to a rollover.

We support farmers fitting OPDs. Research has shown OPDs offer a net safety benefit in low speed roll-over crashes typical of most on-farm use.

There are currently two commercially available OPDs: the Quadbar™ and ATV Lifeguard OPDs.

For more information on the suitability of your vehicle and how you will use it, you should contact the OPD suppliers.

You can also check out the testing done by transport and road safety researchers from the University of New South Wales here.

Quadbar and Lifeguard fitted on quad bike.

Next steps

To stay safe while using a quad bike, make sure that you:

  • choose the right vehicle for the task
  • do a safe riding course
  • always wear a helmet
  • consider fitting operator protective devices
  • use only suitable attachments
  • don’t carry passengers
  • maintain vehicles in accordance with manufacturers’ instructions
  • don’t let kids ride adult-sized quad bikes

For more information, call us on 13 10 50.

*Based on research conducted by University of New South Wales Transport and Road Safety, 2015.

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