FAQs for small business safety rebate

If your questions hasn't been answered after reading these FAQs, you can send an email to safetyrebate@safework.nsw.gov.au or call us on 13 10 50.

What is the rebate?

What is the rebate?

What is the small business rebate?

The Small Business Rebate Program offers up to $500 to help small business owners and sole traders (with 0-50 full-time employees or equivalent) adopt solutions to high risk safety problems in their workplace.  We also provide access to free safety advisors to help small businesses build safety skills.

Why do we offer the small business rebate?

SafeWork NSW provides this rebate to help NSW workplaces improve managing safety in their workplaces.

Under NSW legislation, an employer has obligations to address safety risks and control these as effectively as possible. SafeWork NSW will look closely to check you have chosen the solution with the highest chance of solving your problem.

How much is the rebate for?

Small businesses can receive up to a maximum of $500 towards the cost of purchasing and installing eligible safety solution/s in their workplace.  For example:

If you have a solution that totals $250 then you will receive $250

The rebate does not cover GST, freight or insurance.

How many rebates can be claimed?

One - a business owner can only apply for the rebate once irrespective of the number, name, registration or NSW location of individual businesses/ABNs they own.

However, small businesses can claim for more than one eligible safety solution in their application. For example, you could purchase a number of safety solutions to prevent falls from a height - such as scaffolding, edge protection, and industrial fall arrest equipment - and include all three invoices in your one rebate application. Maximum rebate is up to $500.

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Am I eligible?

Am I eligible?

Eligible businesses:

Who’s not eligible?

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Eligible events

Eligible events

How do I know if my SafeWork NSW safety event makes me eligible?

Check the list for SafeWork NSW eligible events. If you are still unsure ring 13 10 50 or email safetyrebate@safework.nsw.gov.au.

How do I book into an eligible event?

Small businesses can access these options by visiting the below links:

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Eligible items

Eligible items

How can I make sure my safety item is eligible?

If you are unsure if your safety solution will qualify for a rebate you can:

What isn’t covered?

What risk does the item need to cover?

There is a wide range of eligible safety equipment available under this program. The safety item needs to address one of the following risks:

Refer to the list of eligible items.

Can I claim for an item I bought, before I attended an event?

No, eligible safety items must be purchased after attending a SafeWork NSW safety event

Can I apply for the rebate before I have the safety item?

No.  You need to have paid for and received the item before applying for the rebate.

Can small businesses apply for more than one safety item?

Yes, eligible businesses can claim for more than one safety solution at the same time but can only apply for this rebate once, irrespective of the number, name, registration or NSW location of individual businesses/ABNs that they own.  The maximum eligible one-off rebate is $500 total per business.

Can I combine rebate amounts to purchase a safety item?

Small businesses cannot combine different rebates (if available) to purchase one safety item.

A supplier cannot split the cost of an individual safety item into multiple invoices to enable different businesses to claim multiple rebates against that one item eg. receiving 3 x $500 against an item that cost $1500.

The rebate is not available for solutions that have already benefited from another SafeWork NSW safety initiative or rebate (ie. duplicate payment for same invoice).

My supplier has ordered my goods and they haven’t arrived, can I still apply?

No, you cannot apply for the rebate unless you have the item in your workplace and it is paid for in full and installation (if needed) is complete.

Does SafeWork NSW recommend any safety suppliers?

SafeWork does not endorse or promote any individual safety product or service, or provide an unfair competitive advantage to any commercial safety item, product or service.

What safety items can home-based businesses claim for?

The rebate does not cover domestic, recreational or social products or equipment. Items for home based businesses that may be used for domestic/household purposes or contribute to the value of residential assets – such as fixtures, are not covered.  A home-based business is a business whose primary office or place of work is in the owner’s residential home.

Can I claim an item not listed on the eligible items list?

No, only the listed items are eligible.  The rebate program seeks to address high risk hazards and is not intended to cover every safety item or solution.  Business owners are obliged to manage all safety risks in their workplace. There are a wide range of safety items covered under this rebate program to help you.

What about items that need to be installed?

Yes. If required by law, installation must be done by a licenced tradesperson, e.g. installation of electrical items must be carried out by a licenced electrical contractor and a Certificate of Compliance – Electrical Work must be provided.

Are improvements to home offices included?

Items for home based businesses, that may be deemed as being used for domestic/household purposes or contribute to the value of assets, are not eligible.

Is the small business rebate available for modifications to make quad bikes safer?

SafeWork NSW’s Small Business Rebate Program covers a wide range of eligible safety items to help small businesses make safety improvements in their workplace.  At present, it does not cover any items relating to quad bikes (only protective devices for tractors) Refer to list of eligible items.

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How do I apply?

You can apply:

It’s in your best interest to fill in the form completely and accurately and attach additional information if necessary. Delays will occur if information is missing.

Follow these easy steps to apply:

  1. attend an eligible SafeWork NSW safety event
  2. select and implement a safety item from the eligible items list. You cannot purchase an item from this list until you have attended a SafeWork safety event first.
  3. obtain a paid tax invoice, receipt or proof of purchase
  4. attach the originals or a copy to your application
  5. submit online, scan and email or via regular post to: SafeWork NSW - Small Business Rebate Program, Locked Bag 2906, Lisarow NSW 2906

What will delay my payment?

What must be listed on the tax invoice / proof of payment?

How are application processed?

Your application will be checked to ensure that:

If your application is complete, it is sent to our finance department for payment within approximately four (4) weeks. An email will be sent to you confirming the assessment of your rebate and when you are likely to be paid.

Any missing information or inaccuracies will delay payment. Your application will be returned via email or letter detailing the information required.

Can I send in an application for each item I purchase?

No. You only need to send in one application form for the rebate, but you can attach receipts for multiple eligible safety items to that one application form.  Maximum rebate is up to $500.

Can I apply for a rebate twice under different rebate programs?

The rebate is NOT available for items that have already been supported from another SafeWork NSW safety initiative or rebate (ie. duplicate payment for same invoice).

If I apply for a rebate will an Inspector visit my workplace?

Generally, not as a result of receiving the rebate. The rebate is given out to help you adopt solutions to address high risk safety problems in your workplace. An Inspector might visit if there are concerns that an item has not been installed or we need to check the item is being used as intended eg. machine guards.

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Can I appeal a declined application?

Can I appeal a declined application?

If your application has been declined and you believe the decision is wrong, outline your reasons in an email to safetyrebate@safework.nsw.gov.au or write a letter and send it together with a new application to:

Safety Solutions Rebate Program – Appeals

SafeWork NSW

Locked Bag 2906, Lisarow NSW 2252

Letters must be received within 21 days from the date of the letter telling you the application was declined. You are allowed up to two appeals. The decision on the second appeal is final and no further applications can be made for that improvement.

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