We’ve updated 23 NSW Codes of Practice, now available for download on our website.

We’re reminding all businesses and employers to review the updated codes to stay up to date with current best practice.

Jodie Deakes, Director Organisational Capability, said codes of practice provide detailed information that can assist businesses and employers to apply best practice in their workplace.

“The codes are there to help you understand what you need to do to comply with the legislation,” said Ms Deakes.

“You can use them to translate how the legislation applies at a practical level.”

The codes were revised by Safe Work Australia and come into effect in NSW on 30 August 2019 and align with the model codes of practice developed under the harmonised work health and safety legislation.

The updates to the COPs were of a technical and readability nature.

The amendments page at the end of each COP is the same as in the model, noting that the date listed on the amendments page is date the model was updated.

The differences between the model COPs and those gazetted in NSW are:

  • NSW front cover and inside front cover.
  • Minor wording changes that do not impact on the intent or content of the COPs (ie. WHS Regulations to WHS Regulation and WHS Regulation (number) to WHS Regulation clause (number)).
  • Hyperlinks were removed.
  • NSW back cover and disclaimer on the inside back cover
  • A specific change was made to the Code of Practice: How to safely remove asbestos in relation to the transport of asbestos waste.

View the full list of codes of practice.

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