The City of Parramatta Council is working with the NSW Environment Protection Authority (EPA) and other state government authorities under the guidance of the Heads of Asbestos Coordination Authorities to re-assess the risk of contamination at properties around the Parramatta local government area where James Hardie may have disposed of asbestos waste materials.

This collaborative cross government approach will help to ensure an appropriate, scientific and risk-based resolution is adopted throughout the assessments and to prioritise the protection of the environment and community.


During the 1960s and 70s, bulk asbestos waste associated with manufacturing and waste disposal by the former James Hardie Industries was delivered as fill to areas targeted because of their low-lying geography. At the time the health impacts of asbestos were not understood as well as they are today.

Between December 2007 and February 2008, the Department of Environment Climate Change and Water conducted site inspections of those disposal sites.Further information is available on the EPAs James Hardie legacy webpage.

None of the inspected sites were found to be a significant risk to human health or the environment, provided the sites remained sealed or undisturbed.

Information for property owners

Site assessments

As the EPA and council continue their site assessments, they may need to access your property to take soil samples. They will contact you ahead of these visits.

Managing any contamination

Your council is working to manage any asbestos contamination, with the support of the EPA, SafeWork NSW and NSW Health.

Support and advice

For questions about asbestos generally you can call the 1800 ASBESTOS number (1800 272 378) or email

For information about this assessment program and about your property, you can call the EPAs Environment Line on 131 555.

Further information on asbestos

See our asbestos resources on this website or visit

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