WorkCover NSW is conducting an update for Shoalhaven licensed asbestos removalists tomorrow that will include a briefing on the NSW Government's loose fill asbestos investigation.

WorkCover Nowra District Coordinator John Patton said the update would cover all aspects of asbestos licensing and removal.

"There are legal and safety requirements for the management of asbestos in NSW," Mr Patton said.

"These include the requirement for all asbestos-containing material over 10m2 to be removed by a licensed asbestos removalist.

"Any business that commissions the removal of asbestos must ensure the work is done by a removalist who is appropriately licensed by WorkCover NSW to carry out the work.

"Licensed asbestos removal work can differ greatly depending on the type, quantity and condition of the asbestos or asbestos containing material being removed and there are a number of requirements to ensure it is carried out safely without exposing workers or others.

"Tomorrow's update will cover all of these issues as well as provide an overview of clearance certificates and what a WorkCover inspector looks for when they visit a work site."

Mr Patton said the update would also include a briefing for local licensed asbestos removalists on the Heads of Asbestos Coordination Authority's (HACA) investigation into loose fill asbestos.

"The HACA is conducting an independent investigation into loose-fill asbestos in NSW and providing free ceiling insulation testing to identify the full extent of affected homes across the State," Mr Patton said.

"While Shoalhaven local government area has not been identified as an area potentially affected, the briefing will provide local licensed asbestos removalists with an overview of the approval process for contracting independent specialists to test potentially affected properties  in other local government areas."

The update will be held on Wednesday, 19 November from 3.00pm - 5.00pm at Shoalhaven Ex-Servicemen's Club, 127 Junction Street, Nowra. To register, contact the WorkCover Nowra office on 4428 6700.

A state-wide licensed asbestos removalist database is published on the WorkCover website at Anyone undertaking asbestos removal or demolition work can look up licensed removalists in their area. For further information and advice on safe asbestos removal, visit or call 13 10 50.

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