The Safety Institute of Australia (SIA) and SafeWork NSW today announced a strategic partnership, designed to combine the efforts of both organisations to improve work health and safety outcomes across New South Wales.

This partnership provides a platform for a series of projects and joint activities which will contribute to the prevention of harm through higher quality health and safety advice and capabilities, and influencing healthy, safe behaviour change in NSW workplaces.

Executive Director of Safe Work NSW, Peter Dunphy, said SafeWork NSW was committed to working with industry to improve health and safety in the state’s workplaces.

“From our experience, we’ve found that the best outcomes are achieved when we work in partnership with organisations that are engaged in and support improvements in work health and safety,” Mr Dunphy said.

“We’re excited about the potential of this strategic partnership and hope it will lead to fewer families having to experience the devastating impact of workplace injury or illness.”

Chief Executive of the SIA Mr David Clarke said, “This is a great initiative and we’re proud to be working with SafeWork NSW. It’s a partnership that will make a difference. SafeWork NSW and the SIA share similar goals and values, which makes us natural partners. And when it comes to health and safety in the workplace, partnerships and cooperative approaches based on shared values are the perfect start if you want to get results.”

Mr Dunphy and Mr Clarke also announced their first shared project, with SafeWork NSW joining the SIA in the delivery of its Annual Convention in Sydney from September 5-8, 2016 as the local host and leading a stream focusing on health and safety regulation in a rapidly changing environment. “This is an annual event which brings together the work health and safety industry, and this year both agencies are working together to encourage the sharing of ideas and promote stronger industry partnerships,” Mr Clarke said.

Areas of ongoing cooperation will be around the Safe Work Australia 10 year strategy, with a focus on the provision of high quality work health and safety advice to industry. Both agencies will focus on supporting improved industry education and training through consistent standards for education, training and professional capabilities. Additionally, both will work to provide advice and information to duty holders and professionals and support the ongoing engagement between jurisdictions and OHS practitioners.

Media Enquiries:
SIA: Carmen Cita / Penny Toth (03) 8336 1995
SafeWork NSW: 02 4321 5474 or 0413 186 799

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