The NSW Government is encouraging the community to have its say on a new Horse riding Code of Practice aimed at reducing work-related injuries and fatalities involving horses.

Work-related horse injuries cost the NSW economy more than $5 million each year. Since June 2011, there have been almost 2000 workers compensation claims in NSW for workplace injuries and occupational diseases relating to horses, costing the Scheme $14.3 million.

“This Code of Practice will assist workplaces to prevent horse-related accidents by ensuring that people working with beginner riders are adequately trained,” Minister for Innovation and Better Regulation Victor Dominello said.

“One worker in NSW is hospitalised every day due to horse-related injuries. We must redouble our efforts to improve safety across the industry and in particular I commend Juliana and Mark Waugh for their ongoing advocacy on this issue.”

The new Code will help to ensure that the temperament of the horse and the experience of the rider are adequate for the riding activity. Children and inexperienced riders may be less likely to understand horse behaviour or may be unfamiliar with characteristics of a workplace setting.

Of the 133 fatalities that occurred Australia-wide between 2000 and 2014, 18 per cent involved people under the age of 20.

NSW will be the first state to develop a dedicated Horse riding Code of Practice. Consultation closes on 30 June and the Code is expected to be in place by the end of the year.

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Download a PDF version of this ministerial media release.

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