Security sensitive dangerous substances

A licence is required to possess and use security sensitive dangerous substances.

A licence to use security sensitive dangerous substances allows you to purchase, possess, use, store, transport and dispose of  these substances.

Security sensitive dangerous substances (SSDS) you might need a licence for can include types of ammonium nitrate generally used in:

  • fertilizer for agriculture, horticulture or other primary production
  • bio-manufacturing
  • education and research

This licence can be issued to you, or a nominated person on behalf of a company.

Eligibility criteria

To be eligible for this licence you must:

  • be at least 18 years old
  • hold a current security clearance or unsupervised handling licence (UHL) and be able to ensure only people with this clearance have unsupervised access
  • have a legitimate reason for using security sensitive dangerous substances
  • have made adequate arrangements for the safe and secure handling and storage of these substances

Application process

You must first complete the application use security sensitive dangerous substances.

Then take the completed application form to an Australia Post office along with:

  • a security clearance application form or your current security clearance(or UHL)
  • a completed criminal history check form if you do not hold a current security clearance (or UHL).
  • 100 points of ID (originals only)
  • a security plan
  • details of any explosives/SSDS licences held by the applicant or nominated person
  • details of any relevant qualifications
  • an employer reference or a statement of experience for the nominated person

All application fees are listed in our list of fees and charges.

Safety management plan

After you have submitted your application, we will contact you and request to see your safety management plan.

Almost all security sensitive dangerous good licence holders must have a safety management plan in place. It describes the risk management procedures in place to address any hazards and safety risks associated with your licence.

You don't have to do this if you are a licence holder or applicant who:

  • is a Major Hazard Facility (because they already have a completed safety case)
  • only operate a mobile processing unit (MPU), (safety risks are already addressed as per the Australian Explosives Industry Safety Group (AEISG)Code of Practice for MPUs)
  • are located on a mine site and who have satisfied the current NSW Department of Industry management and/or control plan requirements.

More information and an example template is in our safety management plan.

Special requirements

Person responsible for the licence

Companies must nominate a person, involved in the management of the company, to be responsible for the licence. If the nominated person ceases to be the nominated person for that licence, for example if they resign, the company must nominate another person to take responsibility for the licence within seven days.

Security plan

You must submit a security plan (including a site plan and schedule) to ensure all explosives and/or security sensitive dangerous substances are held safely and securely.

Obligations or duties

You must advise us within 14 days of any changes to your licence or contact details, as well as any changes to the type, quantity and location of explosives or security sensitive dangerous substances.

We may suspend or cancel a licence or impose penalties on licence holders who do not comply with the conditions of the licence or requirements in the legislation.

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