Guidance material

Guide to tower cranes

Safe Work Australia's guide to tower cranes provides information on siting, erecting and using tower and self-erecting tower cranes.

Duties of principal contractors

This guide provides a summary of principal contractor duties in relation to a tower cranes.

Critical faults

This list of critical faults is intended to assist crane crews and those with management or control of operating tower cranes.


This document provides a summary of high level information for consideration throughout the life cycle stages of a tower crane.

Key messages

These key messages were identified following the November 2012 crane fire at Broadway in Sydney. They are relevant to manufacturers and suppliers, but may help crane crews or persons with management or control to work with crane companies to address site issues.


Tower crane maintenance will make your site safer and prevent costly delays.

Mobile communication devices

Using mobile communication devices while operating (or working near) tower cranes can cause distraction. This document outlines the risks and how you can stay safe.

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