Plant that lifts or suspends loads

If you use plant that lifts people or objects, it must:

  • be designed to do so
  • have suitable lifting attachments
  • be used within its safe working limits
  • not be used to suspend or carry loads over people, unless designed to do so.

You must also ensure:

  • the loads remain under control
  • no load is lifted simultaneously by more than one item of plant (unless the load placed on each item of plant is within its rated capacity).

If you need to lift people and you don’t have the plant specifically designed to do so, you can use plant that has a work box (with a safety harness and safe exit) attached to it.

When tree-lopping, you can lift or suspend a person in a harness with a crane and place them in the tree, provided it has been risk assessed as being the safest way to carry a person – and provided the person is in visual or verbal communication with the crane operator at all times.

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