Amusement devices and passenger ropeways

If you have an amusement device or passenger ropeway at your workplace, you must ensure that:

  • the operator is properly trained
  • the device or ropeway is checked every day before operation
  • the device or ropeway is operated every day without passengers, before being operated with passengers
  • daily checks and operations without passengers are recorded in a log book
  • the device or ropeway is stored by a competent person (who is supervised by a competent person), in a way that avoids damage
  • maintenance, inspection and testing is carried out by a competent person, according to the designer’s and/or manufacturer’s instructions
  • electrical installations and inspections are done by a qualified person
  • a detailed inspection is carried out by a competent person every 12 months
  • records, a log book – including details of each occasion the device is erected and stored – and operating and maintenance manuals are kept.

Where amusement devices or passenger ropeways are involved, the competent person you use must be:

  • a registered professional engineer
  • a chartered professional engineer and member of Engineers Australia, or
  • on the national professional engineers register (administered by the Institution of Engineers Australia).

When carrying out detailed inspections of amusement devices and passenger ropeways, the competent person must also have specific knowledge and skills acquired through training, qualification and experience.

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