For manufacturers

Control risks

You must follow the designer’s instructions regarding the manufacture, inspection and testing of the plant.

If you identify a hazard in the design for which there is no control measure, don’t include it in the plant being manufactured – and ask the designer, in writing, to rectify the problem as soon as possible. Don’t begin manufacturing until the designer has responded, and talk with them about ways to solve the problem.

If you can’t contact the designer, make sure the risks are minimised or, better still, eliminated before you begin manufacturing the plant.


Make sure the guarding is securely mounted. If access is required to parts of the plant during operation, maintenance or cleaning, the guarding should be an interlocked physical barrier that allows access when there is no risk –and prevents access at all other times.

Get and give information

Get all necessary information from the designer and pass it on to anyone to whom you supply the plant.

Registered plant

If the design of your plant is not registered and is listed in Part 1 of Schedule 5, you must not supply the plant until the design is registered.

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