Manufacturers & importers

Tell your customers about it

The people you supply hazardous chemicals to must know the risks and how to work safely. You must:

  • classify any chemical that may be hazardous
  • prepare an appropriate safety data sheet as soon as you make or import the chemical and before you give the chemical to a workplace.

You must also review the safety data sheet at least every five years (or if anything changes), and give a copy to anyone who asks for it, or who is likely to be affected by the chemical.

Disclose information for emergencies

In an emergency situation, details about hazardous chemicals, including the chemical identity of its ingredients, is important.

If a doctor or emergency service worker asks you for information about your chemicals, you must provide it to them.

Pack and label it properly

You must pack and label your chemicals correctly.

You also need to label your chemicals correctly using the Globally Harmonised System (GHS) or other relevant system.

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