Prepare a safety case

Within two years of the facility being determined to be a major hazard facility, you must send us a written safety case.

It must include:

  • a list of major incidents that have been identified and a summary of methods used to identify major incidents and major incident hazards
  • a summary of the safety assessment
  • a summary of the emergency plan
  • a summary of the safety management system
  • a description of the security arrangements
  • details about any consultation with workers in preparing the safety case
  • additional matters outlined in Schedule 18.

The safety case must also include a signed statement that confirms:

  • its accuracy
  • you understand the facility’s health and safety risks
  • the control measures to be implemented will minimise the risk of major incident occurring or, better still, will eliminate the risk
  • the control measures to be implemented will minimise the magnitude and severity of health and safety consequences should a major incident occur
  • the appropriate knowledge and skills of your workers.

In some circumstances, you may be required to prepare a safety case together with other major hazard facilities.

You must review and, if necessary, revise the safety case when:

  • a modification is proposed to the facility
  • a control measure is inadequate
  • a new risk is found
  • consultation indicates it is necessary
  • a health and safety representative requests it
  • we request it.
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