Notify us and inform others

You must notify us at least five days before you begin work. Lodge the notification electronically using our online notification system, or complete this notification form.

You can begin work immediately only if there is a sudden and unexpected event, such as a failure of equipment, that may cause someone to be exposed to asbestos fibres. Or if there is an unexpected breakdown in an essential service that requires immediate rectification to enable the service to continue.

If you must remove the asbestos immediately, call us on 13 10 50 before you begin work – and notify us in writing within 24 hours.

Inform others

When removing asbestos from a workplace – and before work begins – tell the person who commissioned the work and the owner/manager of the workplace when you intend to begin work, so that they can inform their workers and neighbouring businesses and residents.

When removing asbestos from residential premises, tell the owners, tenants and anyone living nearby when you intend to begin work.

Install signs and barriers

Make sure you put signs and barricades around the work area.

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