PErforM (Participative Ergonomics for Manual Tasks) is an internationally recommended approach to reducing work related musculoskeletal disorders – more commonly known as sprains and strains.

The workshop will develop your knowledge about:

  • what the regulator expects in relation to managing hazardous manual tasks;
  • the PErforM program and participative ergonomics; and
  • the resources you need to implement PErforM in your workplace.


With nearly one in six Australia workers experiencing mental ill-health, it is likely one or more of your employees is struggling right now.

Leading mental health research organisation Black Dog Institute will help you learn more about mental health in the workplace and provide you with confidence and develop your skills to have effective conversations about mental health.

By taking part in this workshop, you will get access to evidence-based tools, resources and apps to help you and building a mentally healthy workplace.

So who should attend?

Managers/supervisors of workers in the transport sector; and anyone who will be implementing the PErforM program

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