Stressed out at the end of the work day? Learn how to manage your mood and boost your team's wellbeing by attending our free workplace Mental Health Skills Training.

The NSW Government’s Mentally Healthy Workplaces Strategy 2018-2022 is supporting businesses to take simple steps to create a mentally healthy work environment – which benefits everyone.

This program consists of a one-off two-hour workshop delivered by our skilled mental health clinicians and experienced workplace consultants. The training is for everyone in the workplace and can be accessed by organising a private workshop for your organisation, joining a public session, or on-line. The program is open until the end of March 2020.

By taking part in free mental health skills training, you will:

  • Gain skills to have effective conversations about mental health
  • Learn about people’s rights and responsibilities when telling their employer about mental health issues
  • Get access to evidence-based tools, resources and the HeadGear app to help your wellbeing and build a mentally healthier workplace

To sign up to attend this training you need to first check your eligibility here

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