Tractor rollover - 5 November 2019

A 36-year-old man died when the tractor he was steering – which was being towed by another tractor – rolled over and crushed him. The incident occurred at Clybucca.

Tractor towed with chain
Tractor towed using chain

The investigation

  • SafeWork NSW inspectors responded to the incident.
  • SafeWork NSW commenced an investigation to determine the cause and circumstances of the incident.

Safety information

A vehicle rollover is one of the most common causes of fatalities in the agricultural industry.

Consider ‘reasonably practicable’ control measures to manage the risks associated with the rollover of vehicles such as tractors. Make sure:

  • you don’t hitch above the centre line of the axle when pulling heavy loads
  • you hitch to the front drawbar and use reverse gear when towing a vehicle, to eliminate the potential for the tractor to backflip
  • you use the clutch gently when starting up a slope, or towing
  • you use an approved fold-down ROPS, with a locking device, when working inside or close to buildings or trees – and install other rollover-protection measures when the ROPS is folded down
  • you don’t steer sideways when going up or down a slope
  • the tractor is fitted with a rollover protection structure (ROPS), in accordance with section 26 of the regulation – more information is in AS1636:1996
  • the ROPS is regularly checked for rust, cracks, fatigue and deformation – if it is present, repair or replace the ROPS
  • you don’t change the ROPS – weld it or drill it - without first getting advice from the manufacturer or a suitably competent person
  • a seatbelt, when fitted, is always worn.

Further information

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